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12/12/2019 · “The Thin Place” is a thin play by Lucas Hnath about a woman named Hilda whose grandmother had believed in being able to communicate with the dead, which sets Hilda on her own psychic journey. When the play begins, Hilda Emily Cass McDonnell is sitting in one of two upholstered armchairs facing the audience, telling. “A tragic story’s greatest for winter,” Shakespeare’s Prince Mamillius prefaces his yarn of sprites and goblins. Charles Dickens and numerous others have taken the trace and sprung ghost tales on us at Yuletide. So the timing’s excellent for Lucas Hnath’s beautifully unnerving story of psychics and hidden dimensions, The Thin Place. The playwright continues to test the bounds with The Thin Place, a decidedly unusual ghost story now at Playwrights Horizons which also hosted The Christians. It almost seems like Hnath challenged himself, this time, to see just how minimalist a play he could devise.

13/12/2019 · At the beginning of Lucas Hnath’s new play, “The Thin Place,” the main character, Hilda, explains the title. She says it’s like visiting an aquarium and seeing an octopus press itself up against the glass, except the octopus and the glass aren’t there. In an essay in the play’s program, Hnath describes. 12/12/2019 · In any case, “The Thin Place” is not about to tell you which woman it believes. Either could be inventing her stories, and Linda in particular is hard to pin down. Born in England, she has come to the United States, the home of spiritualism, to practice her profession in a place that respects it.

And if you believe, she can make you hear them, too — in the thin place, the fragile boundary between our world and the other one. With acuity and relentless curiosity, Lucas Hnath’s play transforms the theater into an intimate séance, crafting an unnerving testament to the power of. 11/03/2019 · The Humana Festival of New American Plays continues with the premiere of Lucas Hnath’s “The Thin Place.” Hnath is a frequent visitor to Louisville, having premiered plays at a couple of Humana Fests. He’s a repeat collaborator with Les Waters, and we have seen his work once already this. Lucas Hnath's The Thin Place will get a reading at the Colorado New Play Festival on June 16. © David Gordon The Colorado New Play Festival formerly the Perry-Mansfield New Works Festival has announced the full lineup of plays and playwrights for the 2018 season. Lucas Hnath Marc J. Franklin Performances begin November 22 at Playwrights Horizons for the New York premiere of The Thin Place, a new play by Tony-nominated writer Lucas Hnath. A testament to the power of the mind and the mind's power to influence others, the play follows the burgeoning relationship between two women—one who’s recently experienced a strange loss, and another who. 14/12/2019 · Also “The Thin Place” is, at surface level, a well-constructed thriller. So I’ll give no plot away. Because this is a Lucas Hnath play, there are things going on beyond the surface. This play is also an essay on truth, on belief, on illusion, on spirit, on the possibility of other realms than ours impinging on ours.

  1. The Thin Place, Lucas Hnath’s most recent offering at Playwrights Horizons through January 5th purports to be about those liminal spaces where the separation between worlds is thinner than usual. The Bermuda triangles, places where someone can just vanish into thin air.
  2. 12/12/2019 · For playwright Lucas Hnath, the need to address life after death evolved out of personal experience; The Thin Place is based on an event involving his own mother. Part ghost story, part psychological treatise and part philosophical exposition, The Thin Place may have.

13/12/2019 · In the program note for The Thin Place, the playwright Lucas Hnath talks about his debt to his director Les Waters, who, some years ago, gave him the idea for this play. They were workshopping another text, and in conversation Waters referred to the plot needing a “thin placewhere the line. 13/12/2019 · The Thin Place November 22, 2019 – January 05, 2020 Peter Jay Sharp Theater Written by Lucas Hnath Directed by Les Waters New York premiere LINDA I claim to know nothing which probably makes me the most honest person in the room. Everyone who ever died is still here, just in a different part of here. Linda can communicate with them.

Hilda, the central figure in Lucas Hnath’s eerie The Thin Place, sucks us in with her smallness. As played with precise oddity by Emily Cass McDonnell, she is mousy and pale; in the company of others, she almost disappears into her chair. I can’t resist: “The Thin Place” is a thin play. But before it drifts away into the eternal empyrean, this slender drama by Lucas Hnath “A Doll’s House, Part 2,” “Hillary and Clinton” tells a beguiling ghost story. Well, not exactly a ghost story, but the story of a beguiling haunting that may or may []. Lucas Hnath is out to mess with your mind. Let me tell - it ain't a bad deal. My advice is accept the invitation. Hnath and director Les Waters have created something like a pas de deux. Matching pacing and movement from moment to moment. What they have created releases what has been set to paper and lets it fly – creating a new Thin Place. 17/12/2019 · In response to unanimous acclaim and popular demand, Playwrights Horizons Artistic Director Tim Sanford, Managing Director Leslie Marcus announces a three-week extension of the New York premiere production of Lucas Hnath's The Thin Place, directed by Les Waters. In the burgeoning friendship between two women-one who's recently.

From 2012 to 2018, he served as artistic director of Actors Theatre of Louisville, where he directed the premiere of Lucas Hnath’s The Thin Place, The Christians, and other new works by Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas, Sarah Ruhl, Anne Washburn and Dave Malloy, Will Eno, Charles Mee, and Mark Schultz. 06/12/2019 · Lucas Hnath, recently represented on Broadway by the spun-from-fact Hillary and Clinton, and soon to be represented at the Vineyard by Dana H., a story drawn from family experience, is cleansing his theatrical palate between them with The Thin Place, a story of the afterlife that conjures up t. 25/09/2019 · Playwrights Horizons continues its 2019/20 season with Lucas Hnath's The Thin Place, directed by Les Waters. Since The Christians made its New York premiere at Playwrights Horizons in 2015, Hnath has received acclaim for two major Broadway productions A Doll's House, Part 2 and Hillary and Clinton. He now returns to Playwrights. Reviews are in for Lucas Hnath’s new play The Thin Place after opening December 12 at Playwrights Horizons Off-Broadway. Directed by Les Waters, the play explores the supernatural events following the burgeoning relationship between two women—one who’s recently experienced a strange loss, and another who communicates with the dead.

Randy Danson Linda and Emily Cass McDonnell Hilda in Lucas Hnath's The Thin Place, directed by Les Waters, at Playwrights Horizons. © Joan Marcus Not to deny Lucas Hnath creative success, but it's nice to see his work away from the big Broadway houses Scott Rudin has been rushing his plays into the past few seasons. Randy Danson and Emily Cass McDonnell in The Thin Place. Photo: Joan Marcus “The thin place” is a spot where it’s easy to cross between the world as we know it and another world, author Lucas Hnath explains in a program note alongside what must be the glammest playwright headshot since Richard Avedon draped Marilyn Monroe over Arthur. 05/12/2019 · The Thin Place November 22, 2019 – January 05, 2020 Peter Jay Sharp Theater Written by Lucas Hnath Directed by Les Waters New York premiere LINDA I claim to know nothing which probably makes me the most honest person in the room. Everyone who ever died is still here, just in a different part of here. Linda can communicate with them.

13/12/2019 · 'The Thin Place,' yhe new experimental drama by 'A Doll's House, Part 2' and 'Hillary and Clinton' playwright Lucas Hnath, concerns the fateful friendship between a young woman who's recently experienced a loss and a professional medium. 16/10/2019 · Casting is here for The Thin Place, a new play by Tony-nominated playwright Lucas Hnath A Doll's House, Part 2, slated to make its New York debut at off-Broadway's Playwrights Horizons this fall. Les Waters will direct the production, scheduled to. Those are provocative musings, but The Thin Place is just too thin to flesh out any sort of answer. Links to other Hnath plays:Red Speedo, The Christians,A Dolls House Partv2,Hillary and Clinton. Search CurtainUp in the box below Back to Curtainup Main Page PRODUCTION NOTES The Thin Place by Lucas Hnath Directed by Les Waters. ‘The Thin Place' Is Lucas Hnath's Spine-Chilling Return to Form 1 day ago By 'The Thin Place' is a welcome appearance of Hnath the creepy fabulist, the haunted magician who revels in.

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